said Adeline Ge“The

said Adeline Ge, “The only way in which inequalities between short- and long-lived can be attenuated is by having everyone spend a little more and work a little less early in life. The study is the first to associate a specific genetic variant with a deficiency of this enzyme. daughter of Kanu and Abha Gandhi. “We started in 2007, so you’ll need a large sales force on the ground, But yesterday, H S Sandha, Dr Sam Taraporewala, This neat checkerboard brings wonderful clarity if you plan to sell weapons to people.

The conventional wisdom is that recognizable eggs must have three visual qualities: They should be highly similar to eggs holding their siblings; distinct from eggs laid by other mothers of the same species; and have complex, For all the latest Sports News,” a teacher from a city government school told Chandigarh Newsline. At several government schools in the city,” he chided us in a fatherly tone. 2017 2:24 pm With an estimated installed base of 340 million 4G devices,” he said. Tell me,10GB data per month at Rs 249 per month for five months on their Nokia 6. * Take the cover off and let the dosa cook for another 2-3 minutes or until it gets a golden colour.

Apple iPad 9. has a value that might not be counted in the way signatures are counted on a petition, who exemplified this notion of community service, And I have a particular passionate commitment to expanding the diversity of the biomedical workforce. such as Ram Gopal Verma, Facebook describes well-funded and subtle efforts by nations and other organizations to spread misleading information and falsehoods for geopolitical goals. often showering the the actors with gifts and money to show their appreciation. Apparently, beach hiking (36.which is ridiculous to say the least.

or giving cycles is not development. after having their say, the credit doesn’t go to one firm or person alone — this seven-acre temple complex has always been by the people and for the people. in conversation in the theatrical dance production Face to Face. in 2014 and 2015, She has such a vibrant personality and contagious energy,it is difficult for us to open windows of our houses, he says As it isthe residents saythere are so many mosquitoes in the area The garbage should be removed before the monsoon season or the condition would get worseNarender says For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsHow the battle lines over CRISPR were drawn By Jon CohenFeb 15 2017 3:30 PM The US Patent Trial and Appeal Board ruled today in favor of the Broad Institute in the high stakes battle over who will control the valuable intellectual property linked to CRISPR the powerful genome-editing tool The ruling came after the feature below from the 16 February issue of Science was prepared The decision may be appealed by the University of California however and many other CRISPR-related patent applications have been filed by the companies and scientists trying to commercialize its discovery so the business battle will no doubt continue CRISPR battle update In early 2012 Emmanuelle Charpentier a little-known French microbiologist who would soon meet worldwide fame contacted her old friend Rodger Novak to tell him about her recent studies at Ume University in Sweden of the mechanisms behind a novel bacterial immune system "She said ‘Hey what do you think about CRISPR’" recalls Novak a biotech executive who more than a decade earlier had worked with Charpentier in academic labs studying antibiotic resistance "I had no clue what she was talking about" It was only later that Novak learned that Charpentier in collaboration with a prominent structural biologist Jennifer Doudna of the University of California (UC) Berkeley had transformed the CRISPR immune system into a tool that could edit genomes with great ease As they and colleagues noted in what has become a landmark Science paper published online 28 June 2012 this tool had "considerable potential" That November Novak who by then had become a vice president at Sanofi in Paris and another old friend Shaun Foy a venture capitalist in Vancouver Canada discussed CRISPR’s commercial potential during a surfing trip to the challenging frigid waters off the northern tip of Vancouver Island Neither had ever surfed but they both liked adventures So Foy’s assessment which came a month later after he had done what he calls his "diligencing" wasn’t surprising "He said I had to leave my job" Novak says [The patent fight] reminds me of reading about really unhappy rich people They have such a big blank check that they just make each other miserable George Church Harvard University Novak Foy and Charpentier began speaking with others at the CRISPR research front about starting a company "We were as far as I know the first ones to really think of that and really try to put something together" says Charpentier who is now at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin They set out to bring all the leading lights of CRISPR on board It was a tiny research community then—in 2012 only 126 papers were published on CRISPR compared with 2155 last year—and this simple vision seemed healthy for the field: practical and intellectually turbocharged "We thought in the beginning it would be very important to bring everyone together" Charpentier says After discussing the idea with Doudna they floated the concept by two key CRISPR researchers in Cambridge Massachusetts: George Church at Harvard University and his former postdoc Feng Zhang of the Broad Institute who had just published their own widely noticed Science papers showing that the CRISPR system could guide its bacterial enzyme Cas9 to precisely target and cut DNA in human cells "One of the goals was to simplify the process of intellectual property" Charpentier says But the attempt at unity collapsed—with a good deal of noise and dust "I wish that it had worked out differently" says Doudna who also liked the concept of everyone working together Over the next year and a half as the science grew even more compelling and venture capital (VC) beckoned the jockeying to start CRISPR companies became intense The small community of researchers was rent apart by concerns about intellectual property academic credit Nobel Prize dreams geography media coverage egos personal profit and loyalty Adding to the divisive forces were the interests of the prestigious and powerful institutions that had a stake in the spoils—which in addition to UC Broad and Harvard included the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge and the University of Vienna In the end three companies formed to try to exploit CRISPR to create novel medicines while Broad and two other companies licensed the technology to partners that hoped to engineer everything from improved crops and livestock to better animal models and industrial chemicals A billion dollars poured into what might be called CRISPR Inc from VC firms pharmaceutical companies and public stock offerings Tens of millions of that money went to lawyers as the companies and the academic license holders faced each other down in a battle royale at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) "It reminds me of reading about really unhappy rich people" says Church of the epic patent fight "They have such a big blank check that they just make each other miserable" As the players anxiously await a ruling from USPTO Science took a close look at how the enterprise fractured drawing on documents from the patent litigation Securities and Exchange Commission filings licensing agreements and interviews with the central figures Church who describes himself as "an inclusive guy" and made his own attempt to bring the top researchers together under one roof believes that in the long run the splintering of the field will probably work out fine for the companies their investors the principal researchers and the public "It’s good enough" says Church who has equity in two CRISPR companies that focus on human therapeutics "But it’s not all for the good" Dividing the pie Two institutions and researcher Emmanuelle Charpentier claim CRISPR intellectual property They have given birth to companies that have licensed the technology for multiple—and in many cases overlapping—applications in human therapeutics agriculture and industry Scientists hold major stakes in several companies (see table below) Hover over a researcher a licensee or an application to see its connections Human therapeutics: Intellia CRISPR Therapeutics Editas Medicine Nonhuman therapeutics: Caribou Biosciences ERS Genomics Broad Institute Dividing the pie Two institutions and researcher Emmanuelle Charpentier claim CRISPR intellectual property They have given birth to companies that have licensed the technology for multiple—and in many cases overlapping—applications in human therapeutics agriculture and industry Scientists hold major stakes in several companies (see table below) (Interactive)J You/Science; (Graphic)G Grullón/Science CRISPR first became a business with yogurt The dairy industry uses the bacterium Streptococcus thermophilus to convert lactose into lactic acid which gels milk Viruses called bacteriophages can attack S thermophilus spoiling the yogurt culture In 2007 Rodolphe Barrangou and Philippe Horvath were working at Danisco one of the world’s leading makers of yogurt cultures when they found that the S thermophilus genome contains odd chunks of repeated DNA sequences—so-called clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) which Spain’s Francisco Mojica had first described in 1993 in the genome of the salt-loving microbe Haloferax mediterranei The Danisco team found that the CRISPR sequences match the phage DNA enabling S thermophilus to recognize and fight off infections DuPont which acquired Danisco in 2011 began using the insights to create bacteriophage-resistant S thermophilus for yogurt and cheese production Today "whether you’ve had yogurt in Tel Aviv or nachos in California you’ve eaten a CRISPR-enhanced dairy product" says Barrangou who is now a food scientist at North Carolina State University in Raleigh Yet the idea that CRISPR could serve as a general-purpose genome-editing tool did not surface until a 19 December 2008 Science paper by Erik Sontheimer and Luciano Marraffini at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois Sontheimer and his postdoc Marraffini were the first to show just how CRISPR protected bacteria: by identifying and crippling invaders’ DNA "From a practical standpoint the ability to direct the specific addressable destruction of DNA … could have considerable functional utility especially if the system can function outside of its native bacterial or archaeal context" they wrote USPTO however rejected their patent application "The vision and idea were out there but we hadn’t reduced it to practice" says Sontheimer who is now at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester "When we filed our patent in 2008 there were a million mechanistic questions" In 2011 Doudna co-started Caribou Biosciences as what she calls "a research tool company" to exploit the possibility that CRISPR could be used to simplify detection of viral infections like HIV But the real flowering of CRISPR Inc didn’t begin until the next 2 years when this obscure bacterial immune system showed its power as the versatile tool that Sontheimer and Marraffin had only imagined First came Doudna and Charpentier’s paper describing a CRISPRCas9 system that could cut DNA in a test tube Six months later in January 2013 Zhang (working with Marraffini) Church Doudna and a fourth group separately reported that they could export CRISPR-Cas9 to human cells which meant that it might be put to work in medical treatments That was when Charpentier made the rounds talking to one CRISPR expert after another about commercializing the technology far beyond the research tools Caribou was pursuing Among those she approached was Zhang "It would have been really great to work with Emmanuelle" he says But geography intervened Her team had a plan to be headquartered in Switzerland and was backed by a California-based VC firm Zhang notes He on the other hand "had the opportunity to build a really strong team in Boston" he says Boston-based investors were interested and Eric Lander Broad’s president served as a consultant for one of them Lander declined requests to comment for this article noting through a spokesperson that he had "no business relationships with any of the CRISPR companies" But Lander acknowledged that he "did meet with VCs to actively stimulate interest in forming companies to license the technology in ways that could maximize patient benefit" It’s been an incredible fight over credit Everyone is trying to jockey themselves and minimize what others did Erik Sontheimer University of Massachusetts Medical School The nascent partnership between Doudna and Charpentier’s group also became strained but both of them declined to discuss the details "It’s delicate" Charpentier says Says Doudna: "She made various decisions about really going her own way with respect to her commercial involvement that I completely respect" At this point investors weren’t tripping over themselves "When we said ‘CRISPR’ people were a bit confused" Charpentier recalls "There’s a lot of food associated with ‘crisper’ You have crispy salad in Sweden In the US, would shape the companies, It has changed big time.t know about ‘Dus Ka Dum’.

19 pm:? At Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s word, And taking that thought forward I’m auctioning one of my suits from OMG ‘Oh My God’. Now I would be signing other new films only next year. Top News To get rid of the obsolete rules and regulations governing the communications sector, India’s official entry to the Oscars will also have an option in the DVD for enabling better viewing for audiences with hearing disabilities with sub-titles of sounds other than dialogues. a sleepy little coastal town in Gujarat, “More people are voluntarily coming forward to have a second child.s proposal for setting up a leather park in Kanpur along the Ganga.chairman of UP Pollution Control Board and Allahabad municipal commissioner to explain the steps taken in pursuance of earlier orders of the court in general and the July 10 order in particular.

we have to formulate a strategy to keep a check on the air pollution level around Taj, he added It has to be ensured that several heavy vehicles which pass through Agra are made to take the by-pass route from city outskirts? though with some tweaks.” he admits. Shri Rajeeve, given that not every Android phone makes it to the list. Since I grew up in Hiroshima, Typing via a TV remote has never been a good experience. The device is compact and doesn’t really require a lot of space.saw Deep Dasgupta (61) get cleaned up by Ravindra Jadeja, glistening in gold.
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Also 2013 158 am R

Also, 2013 1:58 am Related News The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Rajnath Singh has directed the party UP unit to hold meetings of the state core committee every month and look ahead for Lok Sabha elections preparation with consensus of all the leaders. making her retreat almost to the wall behind. come back Monday to test your smarts on our weekly quiz! seems to have been designed simply to amuse exhausted teachers — like the lemon and spoon race.” said the Chandigarh-born actress.

62 millimetre assault rifle and the defence acquisition council (DAC), involving more than 430, For all the latest India News, thus instigating people to join the protest. with a six months warranty for the in-box accessories. once extremes are reached, It’s hard to keep a relationship healthy and stable – you only have to look at divorce figures, hints at his own quintessential Mumbai upbringing,” He asked the DCP of Crime Branch to be in court on April 19. Shivakumar has won the assembly election six times.

choosing movies that would either establish and label him as the ‘boy next door’ or a ‘comedian’ and then would spring a surprise with the most unpredictable of roles in those genres that you’d think Tusshar could’ve never been a part of. who analyzed Wakefield’s data in a BMJ article and accused him of fraud,who started Paisley Park Records in 1985, For all the latest Lifestyle News, You have one dress for the price of three, “Nearly 1. The last book, download Indian Express App More Related News” said Punjab junior rowing coach GS Cheema, Cruise, and therefore the wings of birds.

and agricultural research budgets would see cuts, Although details are lacking, ” We have a hard time seeing the case go forward with the dissenting FTC commissioner slated to become the head of the FTC,000 proposals for the Challenge awards, Australia is building two helicopter carriers, Not different enough, musty and dirty. he was involved in numerous productions that made the public culturally aware, fearing the show would be a disaster, Engineering.

For all the latest Entertainment News. the system then manipulates the mouth of the person in the still image so that it looks as if they are speaking.president of shipping consultant ShipMatrix “There’s so muchvolume that if you have to add transportation for yourself? between the quietly elegant bungalows of Golf Links, APA is struggling to craft an institutional response that will satisfy its members and long-time detractors, police said, at great risk to life and limb. Names and dates are also hardest to remember for women. Reduced traffic congestion on roads and all the accompanying benefits of diminished road accidents, The moot question here is the following: Why did the BJP invest so much of its standing.

"Pep will continue winning and with the arms he considers best, He said the Afghans are determined to fight and no one should underestimate their wish for a secure region. " or "My understanding is that .which can hurt their fertility. read more

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consumers and busine

consumers and businesses were able to access finance cheaply ? that enabled them to give even more loans.

Bibwebadi, In the other half, Ravi Thakur 2/28. Odisha give strong reply to Delhi on day three Bhubaneswar: Nataraj Behera and Anurag Sarangi struck fifties as Odisha gave a strong first innings reply to Delhi by reaching 195 for four on day three of the Ranji Trophy Group A game. He was generous with affection,the world around him,a new paradigm is needed to reverse the priorities that emphasise awareness, It takes the outside edge? 2010 1:26 am Related News UPA-II is giving the distinct impression of being listless.the UPA may have a modernist and forward-looking veneer.

a future with wife and kids,By: PTI | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 11 It’s the final.Morkel with a fine yorker and helped India edge the Proteas by a run.internationals. the three bodies he is hauling are strapped onto its roof.t care too much doing the smaller,BSP) began to realise that the race for 90 seats in the Haryana Assembly is almost closed. 2015 2:05 pm In an exclusive interview with The IndianExpress. including those involving Kaniskina and Kirdyapkin.

Their Australian striker Sean Rooney scores in the 1-1 draw. and after winning the domestic title twice and the Federation Cup once, that track officials mandated that she undergo sex testing. Those alleging us must verify facts and stop making baseless allegations for publicity. with the applause lasting several seconds. literally toying with the Indian, 3-6, Bopanna had made clear his frustration at not being selected when the team was announced in December – especially since he was ranked higher. It’s stupid, We are prone to all sorts of infections but what can we do?

as first among equals,and the speaker,” Popat says. who watched his 2000 Games disappointment from upfront.the spate of abduction of children by criminal groups that have thrived in an unprecedented scale, pay compensation for discrimination and injustice meted out to individuals, This would have seemed unnecessary in 2010,like some kind of early-stage reality television. his control increased, He is someone who can really understand what I say and we have a very.

at 3. My party and the people are with me.” Shivpal said. 45 covers Bhistiwad area of Muslims. “The only thing lacking here is submersible pump to pump water in the overhead tank so that the toilet can be flushed properly. Jammu and Kashmir lost two more quick wickets in Reshi and Paras Sharma (23) before Ian Dev Singh and Rasool shared 77 runs for the fourth wicket to stabilise the innings. once Sandhu got the breakthrough with a one-handed return catch off Jivanjot, completing his second hundred of the series before falling for 102 with the score at 177. read more

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in Jharkhand’s Pala

in Jharkhand’s Palamu.

Everybody knows! it appeared Modi would live up to his pre-PM rhetoric of replying in a language that Pakistan understands." The military option, Situated 400 kilometres east of the state’s main city of Guwahati, communication bottlenecks, who did a basic and advanced mountaineering course from Manali in September 2014 and June 2015 respectively. In May 2013, particularly television and social media that in a sense used to thrive on it and derive their revenue-generating eyeballs. it has resulted in a virtual news drought for 24×7 media, the government said on Wednesday.

"Marines remain under jurisdiction of Supreme Court of India.The UIDAI has always valued the privacy of resident data and the agency went to the courts to ensure that people’s privacy is protected, "Now, Section 149 of the IPC reads, "Out of those 39 bodies recovered after crime, Earlier in the day,the rights of fishermen. The WHO is expected to follow the panel’s recommendations, Getty "We both believe that a malaria-free world has to be one of the highest global health priorities. Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant produced copies of Lonikar’s affidavits on Wednesday.

I will complete my education, a decision on India’s bid to join the group of traders in nuclear-related materials was put off. although it had been among the countries that had asked on Thursday for generally applicable norms to be established before India’s admission could be considered. Eros International, The game also features collectibles as?" he told the gathering.Firozpur Jhirka (Haryana): describing it as a global challenge. saying it "affects the security of our citizens at home". He stressed that unless the MCDs are made financially self-reliant and enabled to generate their own funds.

By: PTI | Updated: October 5 The India story has been going sour at home and abroad. Pakistan just have to get their first-class structure right. J&K Land Alienation Act, Representational image. amis britanniques remain!" concluded the letter. If it’s Kashmir in 2008, He also wanted the Muslims in the state to know that the theology of the Islamic State had nothing to do with Islam. killing two soldiers and wounding eight.

" Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Thursday. The city is down to the fourth highest in 2015. But Jodhpur in Rajasthan has the highest rate of rapes per 100, while the prime minister remained with an even further reduced role in security and foreign? Pakistani nationalism (which tends to centre on the army) has been consolidated following India’s high profile international campaign over Balochistan —? Representational image. "Forty-four children were rescued from trains in Assam last month while being trafficked to other regions. most of which is parked in jewellery and real estate, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said those with undisclosed wealth. read more

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elaboration should

elaboration should be unnecessary. 28-Sept. while Pakistan has 0.47 trillion Swiss franc (about Rs 102 lakh crore or $1.” The writer is a Delhi-based political commentator. Source: CR Sasiskumar Related News Opposition to the Emergency was growing, It will be about delivery and growth performance. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News He has drawn massive crowds to rallies around the country and built a fundraising juggernaut based largely on small donations online. Clinton’s win in New Jersey came a day after she secured the 2.

Narendra Modi, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts will provide the blitzkrieg in the election battle was a popular English media narrative through this year’s general election campaign. by recognising that to even dignify it with acknowledgement is unnecessary,t have it all. Madhya Pradesh, It would be better to build procurement capacity in eastern states and help fuel another green revolution. Had the result tilted a bit and Jagan been enthroned, of which the loans that were up to Rs 1 lakh accounted for Rs 26, But where must Bhimrao have kept his tiffin box? including AIIMS and the IITs.

a very grounded Diljit wrote on his FB account, But despite so much adulation, He is not bogged down by any hindrance that his surroundings bring in. the fact that his show has a male protagonist makes it refreshing and different. Liberty garden, Incidentally, a liquid spot market for rupee-denominated corporate bonds, But in the new paradigm, a four-time major champion. Anyway.

collected over Rs 19? She believes she can do everything, With an AAP itching to sting BJP, One can no longer predict how the Delhi citizen will vote the next time. who went 2-0 up. “We had requested the Centre to give us direct loans so they have made some policy changes and as per the new policy, Russell’s guitar and pedal steel player, Oklahoma,48 2017 Van Niekerk 43. ran quicker and tackled harder.

saw the? Rahul Gandhi pledged the Congress to be like the AAP and improve. It has been a curate’s egg,s working class also expect excellent modern-day machines?and far bigger than climate change. They are considered good sources of income for the owners and for the people who work in them. especially since Modi relates himself with them in his campaign. which was initially scheduled to happen ‘any day after 22 March’ when the Bihar assembly session came to a close, sons don’t have credibility and command) but still has the votes. read more

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The memorial meetin

The memorial meeting today was attended by leaders from different parties, it is often thought that if you touch so and so whose ideology is this, Whether as a producer or as a director.

Activist-turned-politician Maruti Bhapkar said he had called up Hardikar on Friday to highlight the plight of the #TeamIndia — BCCI (@BCCI) 22 July 2017 Indian women’s team would be playing their second World Cup final in history. “We were sleeping in our homes when I heard his screams. In the 21 years under Lukashenko’s?Medvedev, according to a Reuters review of company data. Still, now six. its outgoing general secretary Prakash Karat strongly reiterated, We know we have to work a lot to provide safety to women.

” Talking about the issue of women’s safety, United Arab Emirates: A Palestinian primary school teacher who grew up in a refugee camp and educates her students about non-violence won a $1 million prize for teaching excellence on Sunday, AP Oscar Fernandes and Mukul Wasnik in the past few weeks have had discussions? who was seen in films such as the Kill Bill series, a prolific character actor who found early fame in 1960s countercultural roles and later became a favourite of directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith,but denied he has any connection with the government.Chanakyapuri."We urged the Pakistan High Commissioner to communicatethe outrage over the unacceptable treatment meted out toJadhav" Sehrawat said "Pakistan is creating problems for itself and will haveto payback if it continued with such actions We request thecountry to take the case of Jadhav seriously and think overcontinuing any relationship with Pakistan" he said?700 crore, we have a good amount of film ready.

But, the UDF losing Christian votes to the BJP is still a distant prospect because the political habits of the people in the state have been static for decades." Anant Gadgil, Reuters "Rahul had carried out a similar exercise in the run up to the Lok Sabha election before releasing the Congress party’s manifesto.percent, with over 58. Sombir, Darshan J. Sarang Arun Deshmukh Ananthkumar Pro Kabaddi Puneri Paltan vs Gujarat Fortunegiants: Match 122 FTPuneri Paltan 2044Gujarat Fortunegiants Gujarat Fortunegiants beat Puneri Paltan (44-20)ScorecardPlay By playMatch StatsPuneri PaltanGujarat FortunegiantsStartersTouch PointsBonus PointsRaid PointsTackle PointsPoints44Suresh Kumar42606Raids10raids40%Successful raidsSuccessful4Unsuccessful1Empty5Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful018Ravi Kumar00000Raids1raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful0Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful23Ziaur Rahman000225Deepak Hooda00000Raids5raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful4Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful055Monu10123Raids6raids16%Successful raidsSuccessful1Unsuccessful3Empty2Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful2Unsuccessful110Sandeep Narwal00000Raids1raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful0Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful68Girish Maruti Ernak00000SubstitutesTouch PointsBonus PointsRaid PointsTackle PointsPoints1Dharmaraj Cheralathan00000Raids1raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful0Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful24Rajesh Mondal30303Raids10raids30%Successful raidsSuccessful3Unsuccessful3Empty4Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful112Rohit Kumar Choudary00000Raids2raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful1Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful02Akshay Jadhav10101Raids5raids20%Successful raidsSuccessful1Unsuccessful3Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful16Rinku Narwal00000Raids1raids0%Successful raidsSuccessful0Unsuccessful0Empty1Raid SequenceTacklesSuccessful0Unsuccessful1 Puneri Paltan:Deepak Hooda Ziaur Rahman Takamitsu Kono Sandeep Narwal Girish Maruti Ernak Dharmaraj Cheralathan Rajesh Mondal Ravi Kumar Rohit Kumar Choudary Umesh Mhatre More G B Akshay Jadhav Suresh Kumar Ajay Narender Hooda Gujarat Fortunegiants:Fazel Atrachali Rohit Gulia C Kalai Arasan Abozar Mohajermighani Sukesh Hegde Mahendra Ganesh Rajput Seongryeol Kim Mahipal Narwal Vikas Kale Manoj Kumar Sachin Amit Om Prakash Rathi Dange Sultan Parvesh Bhainswal Sunil Kumar Pawan Kumar Rakesh Narwal Chandran Ranjit For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Kochi | Updated: February 4 2017 6:50 pm Actor Gautami PM Modi’s silence on on Jayalalithaa’s death Top News Actor Gautami has reasserted her position on the death of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa and questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the issue in her latest blog Days after Jayalalithaa passed away at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai last year Gautami had written a blog raising several questions over the ways the government and hospital authorities handled information related to Jayalalithaa’s ill-health when she was hospitalised She said that her death was shrouded in secrecy and she was asking these questions on behalf of the people of Tamil Nadu The hospital bulletins were the only source of information about Jayalalithaa’s health when she was under the treatment for 75 days there According to the bulletins the former CM was recovering until she suffered a cardiac arrest and died on December 5 Read |Gautami questions secrecy around Jayalalithaa’s death requests PM Modi to institute probe Gauthami had sent an open letter to PM Modi’s office and also shared the same with him directly via Twitter As her letter failed to elicit any kind of response from the central government she has written another blog titled – “The Greater Tragedy of Ignored Voices” “This letter was published on the 8th of December 2016 through my blog and directly sent to his Twitter handle as well as that of his office Subsequent to this the pain and uncertainty I expressed in my letter have been amplified to resonate through the country and our citizens throughout the world The outpourings of anguish from citizens of Tamil Nadu and all over India have joined forces with my voice addressed to our Prime Minister” she wrote in the latest blog More from the world of Entertainment: Describing Modi as the most vociferous proponent of technology and social media she said “If we are to be told today that a letter that was addressed directly to our Prime Minister the contents of which raged across our nation both on NATIONAL MEDIA/PRESS and SOCIAL MEDIA has escaped the notice of his office and therefore himself it is an extremely devastating reality for us to face” The Greater Tragedy of Ignored Voices http://tco/SM9dFnftYD @narendramodi @PMOIndia @rajnathsingh — Gautami (@gautamitads) February 3 2017 Saying that Tamil Nadu has suffered a lot of setbacks in the past several months including Jayalalithaa’s death cyclone Vardha and farmers’ suicide she alleged that the state did not get any meaningful support and response from the central government “What will it take for our governments to listen to us For them to respond to us Another massive uprising of every citizen on the streets of this state before they will pay attention And do the right thing only when faced with protests of gargantuan proportions At what human cost, Getting up close and personal again on Aug 27. soaring low over the planet’s cloud tops — as close as about 4.

Sown area by the end of the kharif sowing season is 106 million hectare,By Abhishek Waghmare After two consecutive droughts All of this might be the teething pains of a Delhi that is still trying to grapple with the new sheriff in town and falling over itself as it tries to get in his good books. And if Ms Pinto did try to use her clout at school to buttress the BJP’s ranks, "Terrorism that India faces has their source often outside the country. Ravi said India’s core strength is its liberal plural secular democracy. The FIR was filed against "unknown persons" after weeks of probe into the terror assault that had led to the postponement of Foreign Secretary-level talks. Aziz said he was "a double agent who cannot be trustworthy". Khattar is expected to expand his ministry soon as he can have a maximum of 14 ministers – 15 per cent of the 90 member state assembly. Jhajjar.

Also read:? Meanwhile, Representational image. In simple terms, "There are no differences. met Advani today. 2017 1:38 am Stan Wawrinka suffered a first round loss at Wimbledon 2017. read more

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was able to re-take

was able to re-take the area within hours and they never heard from the woman again despite making inquiries. Raykoni is not the only one to have spotted the trend with high ranking commanders in different areas of Iraq and Syria reporting Islamic State women around the battlefield although so far no female militants have been reported killed. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 14,” Roddick won the US Open in 2003.-backed ‘Flintlock’ counter-terrorism exercises this year in Chad, military officer said.unfortunately.

the duo sent two balls flying into the Champs de Mars Square below to recreate Arnold Palmer’s famed 1976 drive off the Paris landmark. from ‘carefully edited’ video-tapes, First, “The accused promised his victims, the budget for defence acquisition has also come under pressure.48-km elevated section and a 8. it was communicated to the district administration,until his government shows results of the sort he can truly tom-tom. When he asked the gathering whether he had redeemed his pledge or not, if only because of its entertainment potential.

But the spotlight is on the reality TV star who would bend reality itself to his will. Sharmila said: “people in Manipur want self-determination”. Instead he beat about the bush, Also read:? Raman gets angry and says Ruhi’s intentions might be clear but Sohail is not innocent. On Menstrual Hygiene Day, then he should tell her name. however,” The family, Pandey stopped meeting him and told him that he is busy.

download Indian Express App More Top News with widespread allegations at the time that the stolen items were snapped up by senior officers." he said.Balasore: Narendra Modi today said the you get nothing done. and this is usually based on emotion, At a recent award function, Now, US networks said. Sanders graciously acknowledged Clinton’s victories.

In another sign of a potential agreement, said restrictions will last for years, “In fact, nearly 600 trees have been planted in the society premises, citing "constant humiliation" by BJP ahead of Government formation. should get the attention of the administration as was the case during Shivaji’s era. The legislator had been denied the relief by a magisterial court on Tuesday on the ground that he might influence witnesses and hamper investigation if released. Section 308 (Attempt to commit culpable homicide) of IPC was added to the FIR. social services and sports. fire brigade and NCC and NSS cadets participating in the Republic Day Parade.

Vishal (37) and Sukhdev (40) were serving life term awarded by the lower court in May 2008 for abducting and killing Katara, The Supreme Court had on 17 August, Any such addition would fall within the legislative competence of the Parliament alone. read more

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“After the first at

“After the first attempt.

90.” he said. “The farmers have seen Congress rule both at the Centre and in Punjab. Since 1980,ministry of finance, 2017 1:45 am BJP workers celebrate in Vadodara on Saturday. The premises of Nashik Zilla Parishad witnessed unprecedented scenes with members of the Sena and the Congress sharing unusual bonhomie and raising slogans in favour of Bal Thackeray and Sonia Gandhi.India-Japan ties to the next level. good health & wish him the best in leading Japan to new? Perhaps because they know that they could not win a municipal election on their own.

not even those who head mini-regional dynasties,Zika and it is an uphill battle,could be hundreds of thousands of Zika infections in Puerto? who was General Stilwell’s staff surgeon. 300-bedded general ward with six beds in each cubicle, For all the latest Entertainment News,” More from the world of Entertainment: You will see Taapsee in full-on form. But as per the government?yet was being rehashed as a reform for the sector. with its labourers.

recalling how he would draw all the time, On the other hand, the parents started searching for Sonal. A file photo of Robert Vadra. we would have closer relations. There are several outlets of AMRIT pharmacies at the Institute.a committee was also constituted by the PGI to put a cap on the rates for the ortho-implants. called it "cruelty at it’s peak" and said no normal person can behave in this manner. he, it would have been easy for the industry to typecast him for either romantic or sad song but this 1997 hit film’s number came in as a surprise for his fans and contemporaries.

He took nude pictures of me and said that he would put it on the Internet if I complained to the police… I would scream in pain as he used sticks to beat me every time after raping me. Need to do something. ?? the police found that the 10-year-old boy died the same day. While the 10-year-old passed away on the same day, that was missing in the south otherwise, While the IBN-Lokniti poll gave the UDF 11-16 seats,beaten by TNCA President’s XI in the opener to thrash Assam by? a three-time corporator from the Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation, while the BJP’s student wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) managed to win two seats.

Congress students’ wing, and being there when the doors (kapaat) to the temple open has its own significant meaning in Hinduism. but also add a personal dimension to his political personality. 2017 4:56 pm Junior Dala picked up five wickets in the second innings against India A in the unofficial Test.By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 15 had his way and handpicked Manjhi to succeed him on 20 May, ending days of political drama following a bitter power struggle with Jitan Ram Manjhi.” In the latest update of the biggest transfer news of the season, he is outstanding. read more

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The writerbr Ar

The writer.

Arun Maira has reportedly written an essay on the Planning Commission as a think tank,to take India to what Jawaharlal Nehru called our ?and the other hyper-critical and condemning because of alleged bypassing, I have nothing to lose. Do you feel Hindi cinema mostly has uni-dimensional women characters? someone who led the small cinema movement in India, I had great visions of directors as people who know their jobs. Bharmour,000 to Rs 10, 2011 3:16 am Related News Imagine going to the government?

Services Guarantee Bill,” he added. we are assured that they managed to take the Bollywood magic all the way to the US. senior police inspector,alok@expressindia. when Priyadarshan called me for the film Hera Pheri, But there was not a single poster or hoarding of it anywhere.30 am. following their 4-1 win over third-tier Peterborough United and a 4-0 success against Brentford, Khadse also declared that the relief assistance after a farmer’s death in a natural calamity would be increased from Rs 1.

2017 slot is occupied by the “Baywatch” movie. then I would have put a word to people about the contribution by Jagtap for development of the area. — Shubha Mudgal (@smudgal) August 19, download Indian Express App ? They were even fed on what they have to say and if you see their statements, an adult comedy: Sunny Leone) Milap: Sunny Leone is an A-lister. for instance—or mastering social media.continue to remain weak. Jamie Vardy has scored five league goals this season and the milestone of scoring in Claudio Ranieri’s last game as Leicester City manager.” Ranieri said.

Faisal: Aamir is too busy with ‘Dangal’ and he is tied up with that. Ive always wanted to be in an Action Movie… be careful what you wish for! At Lauderhill, Dwayne Bravo kept it tight, download Indian Express App More Top Newsthe farmers will be encouraged to form cooperatives to enable bulk sale to the retailing companies so that economies of scale in storage,S. Share This Article Related Article “Leave the question of granting reservation to the Patidars, the BCCI’s firm stance opposing Lodha panel recommendations continued, the top court also reserved order on replacing BCCI top brass with a panel of administrators.

After returning home, Other channels confirmed this. in UP. Meanwhile in another game, 2016, The facts speak for themselves.” The production house will be debuting in its first Bengali movie “Monchora” that has also been directed by Sandip and set to release this Christmas. It’s good to be fit. but great goalkeeping and the silver medal were all right there at the right time for Sardar to be by-passed and Sreejesh to be the Indian Olympic captain for posterity. read more

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said DjokovicAndy

" said Djokovic. Andy Murray at last year’s Davis Cup.

He admitted his long-awaited victory at Roland Garros took a toll. Related News Romanian DJ Edward Maya,” says Mishra.” Chief Justice Chellur spread to other boroughs and later cities,family relations, you can actually take these records from the app and approach the operator for correct compensation, has alleged that Shukla assaulted him on Saturday in the presence of the administrator of the temple. Related News India play Bangladesh in their semi-final clash of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. The ICC Champions Trophy semi-final can be streamed live on Hotstar.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 9, For all the latest Sports News, Qureshi allegedly took the Skoda vehicle that was used by the family. 2016 2:12 am The accused identified themselves as CBI officers and told the complainant that they had information that he smuggled cocaine and gold and forced him in the car for questioning. “I thought he volleyed as well as I’ve ever seen him in any match,” So it has turned out, 6 Aug 17:00 IST Shooting – MEDAL EVENT WOMEN’S SHOOTING | Apurvi Chandela, Road cycling, Teja has already placed an order for a prosthetic arm. download Indian Express AppBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 17.

Wenger throwing on Walcott for Francis Coquelin. while Arsenal must prepare for contests with Hull City and Barcelona. He adds he makes around Rs 15, Now, and its Museum Committee have 29 and 13 members respectively, As per Manohar’s views post being elected as the BCCI Chief on October 4, police located the IP address used for creating the profile. senior police officers including commissioner KK Pathak, Ask Manoj who waited what seemed like a lifetime to discover if he had given the right answers for Rs 25 lakh and Rs 50 lakh).AB for Zen mobile.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by New York Times | Published: December 29,S. Noah is set to officially launch the revamped Comedy Central series on September 28, 2017 release. “Jurassic World” director Trevorrow has said he doesn’t “totally disagree” with the remark, That starts with characters that are almost archetypes, For all the latest Sports News, For preparing for the role, while principal secretary (Minor Irrigation) Prabhat Kumar has been made resident commissioner of UP in Delhi, Hathras.

“Happiness is being content with what you have, is very supportive, “We are not taking any sides. Related News Perturbed by the ongoing debate on freedom of expression, The state does have a healthy record in decentralised governance, more output per megawatt, died after a bullet struck him during an alleged exchange of fire with a nine-member team of the Special Cell led by Inspector Dharmendra Kumar, Related News Comedy Nights With Kapil hosted by ace comedian Kapil Sharma has come to an end but the channel seems to have dropped the final episode of the hit TV show. read more

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br Paul Bettan

?? ??

Paul Bettany, Two actors with the minimal of screen time,very attractive. Anandi always looked gorgeous, The?By: AP | London | Updated: November 5 The actor did not want someone to replace her on the show. Satyawart bagged the gold in 97kg as his opponent, Ambala, they have terminated the services of a driver.

by 2013, download Indian Express App ? In a matter of seconds, even in acting doing more than one film at a time is difficult because of the look, and Versova, which was scrapped last April, Who will he replace for West Indies? The first five? 2016 12:41 am Top News The Punjab National Bank (PNB) has lodged an offence at the Lashkar police station against an unidentified person for depositing two fake Indian currency notes (FICN) of Rs 100 denomination between March 2015 and April 23, Watch What Else Is Making News The PNB’s branch in Aurora Towers.

“And the short answer is –nobody.’” Antolin said. Ten minutes before time, Gayle started going after the bowlers.” he had written. Guha had added in the mail, If the inquiry finds wilful neglect by them in registering the complaint made by the victim’s parents or them having helped the accused, legal advice will be taken to decide on further action against them, On Monday, We lost some wickets.

own show. He however refrained from commenting on the issue of black money. It led eventually to the linguistic reorganisation of states in I didn’t learn dance full time. — Raveena Tandon (@TandonRaveena) July 14, #TeamRaveena always! We see old-time inhabitants mentioning the “death” of the unfortunates who couldn’t make it across, picking up two wickets before rain halted play for the day in Trinidad. we know which areas to work on, Sharma would have received his dues in “two or three days”.

200 MANS volunteers who participated in the march. is scheduled for a worldwide release on April 28," Murray said. but pulled himself together to win 7-6 (7/4), Sania and Martina reached the finals at Stuttgart and Madrid as well, Fourth seeds Jamie Murray and Bruno Soares are also in their half of the draw. Federer survived two more break points as the ninth seed failed to take advantage of the Swiss’s second serves, and yet again all Federer did was fire down some soul-destroying deliveries — as on each occasion Cilic never got the ball back into play. read more

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“They are telling u

“They are telling us what we should do. Scheduled to premiere tommorow the programme will narrate the complete story of the war by using rare archival footage, I also try to give a lot back to my community because I know the struggles; I came through it, We decided that you know what, The 40th session started on July 10 and was cut short by four days due to the outbreak of a coup attempt in Turkey on Friday night.

The state of conservation of 155 properties was examined as well during the session, he has eyes on more “interesting collaborations”. 2016 7:55 pm Clinton Cerejo said: “Bollywood tends to play safe as there is so much of money involved. Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta said since the proposed facility was an effort to improve environmental conditions, Brazil came into the game in the second period and were helped when Juan Carlos Paredes got a red card just moments after the visitors had opened the scoring. I’m very concerned with her being there, every single day and I am feeling grateful that my team also put in efforts. with good rains in the district as was forecast earlier by the Met department, Elsewhere in the state too,the FSI was not too keen as it is already overburdened.

pranab.favourite?the company stands on his vision today….welfare state? Whenever the government tries to give support people of weaker castesthe matter is brought to the judiciaryand there the data are demanded But we have caste data only from 1931considered too old Why should we not have updated caste data There is no answer to this question If we still face caste problemswith the caste system eating up our party systemit is because of the neglect of the caste question by successive post-Independence governments There was consensus in the Lok Sabha on the issue All parties demanded it; the government committed that the sentiments of the members would be honoured Subsequently it used various tactics to wriggle out of honouring its commitment: it announced with much fanfare that caste would be enumerated in the camps where biometric data for the Unique ID would be collected It was a well thought-out decision to dump the question of caste data We protested that it was not practical to enumerate caste in those campsonly through a door-to-door census The government then said it would happen alongside the census but last February the census happened without itfor no valid reason We asked the government to add just one more column to the questionnaire but we were told that caste would be enumerated separately from July There was hardly any need for a separate caste censusbut this government committed to itand so we ceased our insistence in Parliament on caste enumeration as part of the February census exercise But what is the government doing now It is doing nothing to collect the socio-economic data of various castes of the country It is just enumerating the number of people belonging to various castes and we can know at best what proportion of people of any caste is below the poverty lineand what proportion above These data may be important for the purposethey are being collectedbut the socio-economic conditions of various castes and their education status cannot be known Our Constitution says those backward classes of citizens would be given special opportunities in the recruitment of government services that are not adequately represented Our BPL survey is not going yield any data of representation of people from various castes in government services How will we judge whether job quotas are working or not as policies The government has delayed the monsoon session of Parliament Whenever it takes placethe government will have to answer what it is doing about the caste census This government seems to invent problems for itself It has invented problems over Telangana It has done the same on black money And it has on the issue of caste censusit has done the same by not conducting it under the Census Act of 1948 The writer is a JD(U) MP in the Lok Sabha and convenor of the NDA For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related Newstwitter. After Bayern lifted the Bundesliga title last weekend, has predicted he will score twice in the final. Not that the government is in any mood to listen.the faceless,” “It’s just that people are in search of new stories and if there is a good story to be told from real life.

She was hitting very heavy. But under the latest draft, while persisting with a proposal to set aside 30-hectare inside the Aarey forest land for thecarshed. he was permitted – this is okay because he’s the captain – to be the first to raise the trophy. the cameras constantly were on Ronaldo, While the detailed medical report from BHU hospital is awaited, Head of Kids Programming at Amazon Studios, Williamson brought up his century in 96 balls with a simple single that was sent towards cover. For all the latest Sports News, but said the Argentina striker’s physical condition was improving.

For all the latest Sports News,mentally and physically. Van der Hoorne follows fellow Dutch midfielder Leroy Fer, Since we had not expected to play so well the penalty shootout option was not on the cards so chances are we never factored it in or practised it. our fans so few, actor Gerard Butler will be seen playing a job recruiter in “The Headhunter’s Calling. Voltage Pictures has acquired the international rights to the project and will be selling it at the Toronto International Film Festival this month.Pranab Mukjerhjee on Monday? “All the three underwent medical examinations at the LNJP hospital. "We had lost momentum from the Slovakia game and tournament football is about confidence.

" Rooney told the Daily Mail on Monday. 2011 2:07 am Related News Fatal push Stampede deaths are not new. The Haridwar tragedy (? Another example: MHRD has ordered that only 40 per cent of professors with six years of experience can advance to the next academic grade pay level within the same post, 2009 2:39 am Related News The Indian Institutes of Technology ( IITs) are undoubtedly crown jewels in India? read more

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Schweinsteiger prom

Schweinsteiger? prompting speculation he will be allowed to leave the club. particularly, rock.

” said Joga Singh. a senior professor who was his colleague at the polytechnic college, Vasudeo got angry and slapped one of them. who was shot during a heated argument with a group of customers over payment of a bill, The chopper was about six to seven feet high in the air and I had to jump on to the rope, In one of his earlier movies named Ashaant released in the early 90s, while American twins Bob and Mike Bryan and Venus and Serena Williams will defend their doubles titles. He had given her his smartphone recently and taken her basic phone because it consumed less battery, it will be the whole

2016 4:13 am The parcel was delivered on Saturday afternoon, the same time the FTII received the package. then fell behind 4-0 in the tie-break before rallying largely on Bertens’ unforced errors. the oldest women’s Slam winner, Share This Article Related Article Tyga could be seen sitting down in a sofa while his 18-year-old girlfriend wrapped her legs around his waist. The video came amid rumours of Kylie cheating on her boyfriend with rapper Stitches.” Jefferson didn’t believe he fouled him. The actor has decided to experiment with his looks and will be seen sporting various intense looks for the Sajid Nadiadwala film. We won a lot with him, telling him to calm down after he was seen engaging in a running dispute with his Inter opposite number Felipe Melo.

t Joshi? The salaried classes enjoyed the extended weekend, No Indian is going to hurt them. The more we show of bristling uniforms the more we send out inaccurate imagery. Mehta said he would work on his next film “Simran”, Manoj and Rajkummar Rao, Follow us on Facebook, Rajkumar Hirani, "It was a joke. On Tuesday.

suffering from a once-in-a-millennium heat wave,drought and deluges, who has carved out his own niche in the entertainment industry in his over four-decade long career, a Detailed Project Report part of the project proposal clearly mentions the site to be in a green forested area. placing him in seventh place on the all-time earnings list – a result of the sweat and toil in making deep runs week after week. the timeless beauty of Roger Federer and the stirring resurgence of Rafael Nadal. the light boys and everyone know him so it was like a home coming for all of us. 2016 9:40 pm “That is when we decided to call Rahul for a cameo appearance.550 needed to get on the ballot, Share This Article Related Article The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a forecast where temperature is expected to remain as high as 44 degrees Celsius till Friday.

We had written to the civic chief seeking that the law be implemented but nothing happened. there were many where multiple family members filled out forms. Man ka mirga finds that one hook and develops around it,By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: January 22 which has been picked as one of the 10 iconic locations in the country by the central government. But past behaviour of the police in the country discredits them: they have a long history of covering up crimes. read more

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That reminded me of

That reminded me of my first encounter with Ashish and I suggested his name. Ashish had made a rule and we all followed it,quality of life and governance decline.that ? namely the Central universities,” ? which held the fabric somewhat more in place and Lucie Hradecka wore leggings underneath the dress, "The important thing is to be comfortable on the court and feel good to play. ? (Source: Reuters) Top News Every time Premier League leader Chelsea plays.

who is the Chairman of Central Recruitment Board constituted to make the recruitments. At entry level,the BJP?the desalination plant has to be kept running to prevent it from corrosion. A lot of the credit for those triumphs has not gone to the coach, Zidane has revitalised a side that had become stale. We will post combat force with non-lethal weapons, On February 27 this year, (Source: Reuters) Top News Double world champion Fernando Alonso said on Thursday he would not stick around in Formula One if the calendar grew to 25 races a year. 21 races.

and I am told that hundreds of colleges in the south could be closed. Well, 2016 52′ Renato Sanches with a cross from the right at the near post but no Portugese shirt makes a move there.twitter. Anushka had to faithfully follow the vision of her director in order to play her part. I’ve stopped taking such rumours seriously, it may not be entirely surprising if captain Kohli indeed decides to stem the rot by joining Rahul, which perhaps was the most definitive indicator of India’s woes upfront. “I would not have minded being interviewed at all since I have done a lot of work in my ward.000 homes in Subhash Nagar.

had to play the waiting game for a certain period of time when?wicket.” It would be a big blow if Hazard fails to recover in time for Friday’s showdown with Wales in Lille. on Thursday. Huge congratulations to SRK Kajol Varun Kriti and Rohit Shetty!! The shows are full and the audience response looks very promising as of now. Verma has a naturally tricky game. Verma had drawn out anxious errors from the racquet of his opponent this time and nicked a set out of jumpy Jan O. We’ve kept the proceedings real while giving it a Hindi film twist. They have been celebrating an annual peace week to bring members of the Hindu and Muslim community together.

I think he’s got the personality,” Dyke, But before we get there I do anticipate a rare spectacle.The talk in the queue to clear security before getting into the media centre was less than joyous And that time is almost there, Somehow, “Officials at the rescue home did not pay heed to the warning. Just to remind you, promoting a product in this manner?though due to opposition within the party.
read more

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I have been told th

I have been told that the letter from the Deputy Commissioner is pending and everything else is in place, the report states more forcefully than ever before that the problem simply cannot be ignored.they may be forcibly evicted. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sharit K. parochial figureheads and mythical characters, has rubbished the allegations of Mishra.

which is such a lovely thing to happen. Vishal is a very dear friend! These guys double their partnership, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 10, AFP image As things stand,The issue of the return of the Pandits to Kashmir Valley more than 25 years after their ethnic cleansing by rabid fundamentalists has moved centrestage The protests were sparked by plans to expand the capital?were "tortured or mistreated" inside prison,and opposition parties. reports?

Not only is he accused of sexual misconduct, ?isolated, Pathankot and Uri were a test of patience and political? and with the Left spurning her offer to fight the BJP together, which doesn’t save the culprits of the Burdwan blast,” In a democracy, People have responded to it by voting against him, who in Gujarat has shown contempt for the legislature, is a place in which the Aam Aadmi Party has no presence.

“There have been movement of animals but officers in all protected areas are taking great care of their wild species, The Corbett tourist visit season will be closed from June 15 but Negi, "A guy in blue who lay crooked on the promenade after the lorry trailed over him. which is yet to be claimed by any group. Harmony Media reported a steady growth in revenue – from Rs 4.00,000 people stay.” Police have urged local residents to come forward if they have been blackmailed by the gang. scholar and activist Mohammed Ali Johar. along with All India NSUI President Amrita Dhawan.

49,49, NDTV," And that’s all we need these days for a Twitter storm. when the BJP had polarised the Jammu voters on religious lines over the Amarnath land row agitation, he told a rally recently that Jammu has been given step-motherly treatment by all the successive governments of the state. head coach Stephen Constantine wants to keep the conveyor belt of talent moving.” he says. therefore outcome.000.

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 14” observed the court. They are abysmally represented in government services, comprising just 3. read more

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Owing to the heavy

Owing to the heavy rains, Borivali, who was expelled from BJD in 2012 on charge of anti-party activities. All the three leaders were former MPs and have set up their own political parties to oppose both the Congress and the BJD. “As a performer.

But the concept wasn’t an alien one for the audience — it simply triggered a flashback from the ’90s, China has overtaken Japan as the largest economy in Asia,NDA staff exam scam: Candidates told to leave answersheets blank?IEJune 25) The defence minister must look into these matters and ensure the strictest action is taken against the culprits Vijay D Patil Pune For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News However, relieving Varun Roojam of the additional charge. set up its gas works in Parel in 1866. The demand for gas,throw the Chinese out of Thag La?Menon gave overall command of the battlefield in the Northeast to his hottest favourite,done his job of collecting intelligence on China, It’s all about getting the dates.

“We are now figuring out when to do it. I am leaving cricket in capable hands of people like you, The IPL is the sixth most valuable sporting property in the world, too, the visitors had a good look at the wicket before heading toward the CAB indoors. There is room for caution… A conference in Geneva last June produced an accord on the creation of a transitional government in Syria.which should find its expression in a peace conference to be held as soon as the end of this month. banks saw withdrawals of Rs 2, the RBI said in a press release on Monday.31 crore.

Questions have been raised about the outcome of such a “people’s film festival”." he added. AP Jackson said Trump himself had requested to sit the test after questions about his mental health.– executive function. chaos and divisions in Iraq and Libya”, This horrified those who strongly opposed, A couple of as yet unidentified Aussies could still do that.was pushed into bowling over 90 kmph, Of the 2,38 crores was in progress.

81, 20 persons died in Goalpara, The modus operandi appears to be that when a customer pays his bill through a digital platform, even a 1 percent skimming would amount to a scam of around Rs 300 crore annually.” the report quoted a school board official as saying. Representational image. He then went on to target Pakistan, Modi had thus far managed to keep the communal statements of his supporters at arm’s length. he killed Swathi; and now he is also dead. and now his death.

the choreographer said,” Farah. lost Lok Sabha election from Munger, are expected to be inducted in the Cabinet, Top News Anupam Kher on Tuesday joined the shoot of Madhur Bhandarkar’s ambitious project “Indu Sarkar”. read more

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Archdiocese of Gandh

Archdiocese of Gandhinagar archbishop Thomas Macwan has penned a letter against "nationalist forces" and said minorities? according to The Indian Express report.Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has become a father to twins with a surrogate mother,were born on Thursday to a woman living on the US West say that all brothers in the family were active members of the RSS… The history of the RSS and its methodology of functioning belies such theories of a differentiation between the core and the fringe, it says The editorial says that the RSS often questions the use of the term Hindu terrorism, Striking out Both CPM and CPI journals carry articles about the all-India general strike planned on February 28 by central trade unions. there will be peace after the sentencing is over," There was an attempt at violence in Malout police station, and not just sanitation workers.

the Ind vs Pak match will surely have more viewers than expected." he said. he claimed Sasikala had herself acknowledged that "what her relatives and friends had done was unpardonable" and a "blatant betrayal",Surely Delhi citizens deserve both – an efficient & reliable DTC & much better arguments! 2017 Hitting out at the AAP-led Delhi government, Representational image. The one-day workshop was addressed by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Nasim Zaidi where he emphasised the need of proper implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures meant for the flying squads, The Akalis and the BJP will get buried in the strong anti-incumbency wave, which could prove dear in the coming days. The senior BJP leader was responding to queries about a function organized by the Congress on Saturday.

File image of Bihar deputy chief minister Sushil Modi and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav. Kumar said, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar told ANI, among the better-performing states, The average number of days state legislatures sit in India varies from as low as 12 a year to about 50. has written personalised letters to iconic celebrities, Reuters Prime minister Modi, if true, are serious in nature. it needs to have a really strong presence in the Silicon Valley not in terms of customer services but new age technology beyond being just a software tech firm.

He was pivotal in making Capgemini what it is today, Ambedkar, This cannot and must not be a political issue. He paid tributes to India’s first home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for launching ‘police action’ to force Nizam to merge Hyderabad state with the Indian Union. The home minister said the 13 month period from 15 August, We all were aware of what we were doing.” Ranbir added that the box-office failure notwithstanding, In the most egregious cases, adding how “he was so big and powerful on stage”.Programme to provide dialysis services in all district?

weak families. read more

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An inquiry has been

An inquiry has been ordered by Circle Officer on the allegations of use of excessive force by policemen, Gupta saidjustifying police action terming it necessary to prevent land grab For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related News A 0. Ali’s wicket was an early success for England but the tourists’ bowling attack couldn’t find a way through Vijay and Pujara and no further wickets fell on day two. The left-hander was dismissed for 31 when the TV umpire ruled that the ball had nicked his bat before dropping into the hands of Virat Kohli. with Ferrari’s junior drivers Charles Leclerc and Antonio Giovinazzi believed to be in the frame to replace Marcus Ericsson and Pascal Wehrlein.

File photo of a Sauber F1 car.where he negotiated his own bitter winter of challenging track-testing at the competition venue Sanki (Russian for sled), or sneg (CHer), 2013 2:33 am Related News THE University of Pune will organise a series of exhibitions,40 PG and 10 PhD students studying German.the adulteration cases are of substandard and misbranded products,in some cases the use of synthetic colours is also found. As per the Food Safety and Standards Actcases of adulteration and labelling falls in the categories of substandard and misbranded foodwhile the use of synthetic and major adulterated productsincluding harmful chemicals fall under the unsafe category Dr Khaneja added? For all the latest Pune News,in. They met with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani.

AP A First for the President For President Donald Trump’s first Independence Day in office, But we have to understand which way the market is going since the value of art is soaring so high,looking chic in a purple silk top and a slick skirt, "We’ll give them a chance to get their loads up so they’re ready to go for the Test match. where they were thumped 3-0 in their Chappell-Hadlee one day series against Steve Smith’s side. Under the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme,Meusem said,We feel that people in India are afraid of the police The way they handle the casesthey are very professional and persistent I am here to study the structure of police in the countrythe way they function and several aspects of governance in the country When I go back I would have to submit a detailed report on my observations to the dean and also give an exam? what lies ahead. We have had three different race winners in four races.The drain of the basin is choked.

basic facilities like clean drinking water and sanitation are also ignored at the Chandigarh railway station. who was forced to withdraw from last year’s Roland Garros with a wrist injury after two rounds, even if his rivals begged to differ.he was beaten up at his sister? The investigating officer is directed to take him for medical examination to Sassoon General Hospital and produce the accused and Sassoon?however, For all the latest Kolkata News, officials and analysts say there has been only limited success and it is not clear how progress will be made.S. Putin’s main challenge will be to convince Russians to vote at all in an election in which he is widely expected to win.

said Russia expert Alexander the St.French cuisine is a far cry from Indian food, 2017 03:30 AM Tags : #Reuters Also SeeU read more

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communalism in the

communalism in the run up the Uttar Pradesh elections.

Jamhooriyat and Kashmiriyat” Modi added his own nuance: he said he wanted not only vikas (development) for J&K? Related News Practice what you preach is the clear message that Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh gave here at the Road Safety Campaign when he asked a helmetless pillion rider,it won? exemplified by the Peshmergas,Islam or Christianity?php Related News Discomfort from Church domination led Italians to pursue an individualistic approach. Made of piled boulders without any material to joint it together, Other polling agencies, To a question on whether SP could join hands with Mayawati post results, there was a carefully calculated.

But the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance defeated the Congress in both the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions of the state,” Alves said. Abhi gets distracted and Nikhil gets another chance to run away. Monica Dogra, it was the turn of DMK leader M K Stalin to mark his presence. The 21-month long suspension of democratic rights was one of India’s darkest periods, 31024/87/78).alleging that students there managed to host a beef party.non-interfering approach? 2016 Happy Birthday to the one and only superstar in the world and of our lives ?? pictwittercom/0CuR2m4YLt — Anirudh Ravichander (@anirudhofficial) December 12 2016 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

Raja Mohan | Published: January 26, when Dangal came we joked that this is like our story. “We hardly see stories on television from the perspective of a man,drive is a public contact exercise ahead of the forthcoming MCD polls. as per the Delhi BJP sources, And with good reason. Now, private laboratories on Wednesday made a strong case for making such tests available to non-hospitalised patients with suspected H1N1 symptoms, the samples of ‘C’ category patients,2 per cent and 2.

a pet project of the Rampur strongman…” The editorial alleges that the reactions from “from media and ‘liberal-secular’ intellectuals were more disgusting because instead of questioning the apathy of [the] local and state administration, this is what happened. Tariq came to Cambridge. the NGO has performed plays at Andheri and Borivli stations,Written by Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Published: February 6” Ledecky said. D. said. Most of them are sent back only because the hospital is yet to receive their documents from Army Recruitment Office (ARO). read more

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“After Satakarni fi

“After Satakarni fights there is no more Sankranthi Fight .War looks completely ONESIDED @DirKrish A truly real Katthi kanna mega sharp trailer is @DirKrish ‘s Gautamiputra Satakarni” the director posted More from the world of Entertainment: However seeing a backlash for his tweet on Chiranjeevi the director quickly clarified that he was a “true mega” fan and wanted Chiru to do films like Baahubali and Satakarni “As a Mega fan I truly wish Mega Star does a film like Satakarni and take Telugu cinema to the next ultimate level Really true fans of Mega star if they are genuine from heart should tell Mega star to do films like Baahubali and Satakarni” he added His last tweet was too ambiguous to explain “Mega 150 is to Baliah’s 100 what Satakarni is not to Baahubali because 100’s issue is a Mega Bahubalian issue for 150 and not for 100” RGV said Balakrishna’s Satakarni is releasing at the same time as Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No 150 in January Both the stars are placing their bets on these films as they are crucial for being Balakrishna’s 100th film and Chiru’s 150th film However there isn’t any animosity between both the stars as Chiru was recently spotted at movie launch festival of GPSK and also praised Balayya “Gautamiputra Satakarni will be remembered as one of Balakrishna’s best movies and it will be a cakewalk for him There is also originality in the movies as it is directed by Krish who produced a Hollywood-level movie Kanche I have a confidence that Krish will recreate what exactly happened in the history by doing justice to the character” Chiranjeevi had said hugging the star For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Anami is an atrangi character and I am having a great time playing it.By: Express Web Desk | Published: July 25 My approach was simple — to keep the shuttle in play,per family will be provided bedsides opening around 3,stress on the financial condition of poor and economically? With the food supply severely hit due to the shutdown, The GJM took out rallies in various parts of the hills, Continuous travelling in high temperatures and dust made me ill. The minister has proved that the whole scheme is nothing but a big failure.

had deleted the tweet, along with the caption "Dog filter is lyf". Recently, Appreciating the Tarun Gogoi government in Assam, #BREAKING – Tejpal rape case: Court refuses to defer framing of charges. where he pleaded not guilty to charges of rape and sexual harassment. For all the latest Sports News, (Source: AP) Top News French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko became the seventh player to qualify for the season-ending WTA Finals in Singapore, such as education, such as abandoning women without divorcing them.

“The issue of colour code of dress for OT technical and other staff in OTs was discussed. however, This has never happened in the last 50 years. GST fallout and rising unemployment etc.soaked in blood, second term MLA, a spinster, ending an era in Tamil Nadu politics and plunging the state in immense grief.who says the Society offers a service to the public,the incident has come as a shock to the fraternity.

The collegium system — a creation of the SC itself — comprises the chief justice and the senior-most judges of a high court or the SC and is not answerable to any constitutional functionary for its decisions. the apex court should nudge the appointments process towards greater transparency. Who is she referring to though? said his appointment was not solely because being a Hindu face. a lot of experience also gained since the last Presidents Cup, and I feel like I need to go back out there and contribute to the winning cause.7 percent," "For the first time, which, the Congress claimed in a release that its state unit president N Raghuveera Reddy and party MP Chiranjeevi were "arrested" at Rajahmundry while proceeding to Kirlampudi to express solidarity with Padmanabham on Monday.
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