Xining public security organs three basic engineering achievements

Qinghai news network in recent years, the city’s public security organs in the correct leadership of the party committees, governments and the public security organs, continue to strengthen public security awareness, actively establish provincial provincial public security image, give full play to the provincial capital of public security, in accordance with the construction of "green Xining" and building a harmonious society the overall goal has always been to maintain public order and enhance the masses a sense of security as the focal point, to crack down on all kinds of criminal activities, criminal law and order two cases declined for three consecutive years; and always pay attention to people’s livelihood, attention to people’s livelihood, to protect people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood security as the starting point and end point, focus on remediation of the masses of people in serious public security issues, continue to enhance the security of the people; combining, always adhere to the principle of prevention, and constantly improve the level of social crime prevention and control, to ensure that The sustained stability of social politics and public security in Xining. read more

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