Keywords the matching principle should pay attention to what


this is because when we search for love Shanghai know the word search engine will make intelligent recognition is to describe love Shanghai know call out the keyword description, when we directly search words describe there could be described with the baidu keyword, this is the search engine intelligent extraction content and search keyword matching.

if we do not have this title and keywords our content in the words he would still have the keyword ranking, because search engine to extract the key words according to our content, and will conduct intelligent matching according to user search keywords. For example: we love Shanghai know the search keywords, see love Shanghai know this description as shown in figure

. We describe, that.

, this keyword and the title we had for all know.

there are many factors affecting the keywords ranking, the principle is just one of them, sometimes completely, ranked below partial matching.


For example: (segmentation principle)

we know that in the search engine is divided into complete matching and matching, for a keyword search results completely, of course is the best, will also appear in the front of the search results, so we do keywords when also can use the matching principle, such as how to make our ranking by matching keywords to get better yet, today to share a few keywords matching principle considerations.

When no

, keyword search and title

search for "Shanghai dragon" what is perfectly matched as figure

when we search for love Shanghai address: zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝 know when the results in Shanghai know the official website of the description has changed



complete matching and partial matching

, two, search keywords and the content of


complete match from the website optimization standard is better than the partial match, the user in the search time then it also tends to be more perfectly matched, if we "and other competitors" all other ranking factors are the same, so who is completely, who will be ranked better.


sometimes we search sites and our brand word description is the same, we are setting the description, it is because when our website appears in our description, we search keyword or URL will appear on our own set description.

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