The three level optimization of long tail keywords

three way choice and there is no uniform standard, Shanghai Longfeng development and.

value type

long tail keywords is a word often appear in our mind, now more and more on the Internet on the long tail keywords, today I combined with a little of his own experience to talk about small station to do long tail keywords optimization of three kind of state, are the common type, value type, type, level three different industries and types from different angles interpretation of attention and optimization of long tail keywords. I hope after reading this article, the station will have experience.


value type was a long tail optimization upgrade than the ordinary type, this kind of website has been aware of the long tail word effects, so there will be to pick up some degree of competition is not too big, but there are certain words to search traffic optimization, statistical records sometimes see the website backstage, found the value of the words from the to do. Pay attention to the long tail word generally has three ways, the first is placed on the front page of the inside pages of links, contribute to the long tail page weight lifting, the second is their external links, these links are designed to create long tail word. There is one last is to do link exchange, directly to the long tail word pages do several Links, in general, will have a good effect.

is the main type and the first two are very different. If the first two are the long tail word as a way to improve the site traffic, so the main type of the realm completely subvert the idea. But to abandon the core keywords, sometimes two keywords is not selected, select only the long tail keywords optimization. On the home page, channel page or inside pages, is the long tail word, uniform. Of course, these long tail word is after some research, there is a search and the degree of competition is not too big. The optimization technique of these keywords and core keywords basically no difference what, want to get rankings, provide valuable information on your site is to release the soft chain, using link bait to attract high quality text links, but this kind of website as long as do remain stable after a period of time there will be obvious effect. I like the weight loss drug list is the main way to the long tail, the effect is very good.

In fact, the

state refers to the public website, and no special care effect brought by the long tail keywords. The general practice is to include the long tail keywords in the update article title, and then rely on the overall weight of the site, can find their own content in the page when people search, but this kind of website for large and medium-sized site effect is obvious, because the content is more, so the long tail traffic there will be many, and for some small website or personal website, and not feel the power of the long tail, or to the core keywords to flow. In the ordinary circumstances, owners need to pay attention to more optimizing the overall weight and internal structure of the page.



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