Love is the highest realm of Shanghai auction maximum benefits

1 love Shanghai for every cache, updated every half an hour, we can use this to slightly adjust their bids, don’t underestimate the details, it is because of this little trick, I spend in the "down" this keyword is less money very much.

The two day

know the significance of bidding: many webmaster friends think bidding must bring good turnover rate, because the ranking means traffic, and traffic means trading. In fact, this idea was completely mistaken, most of the time, mainly on the basis of the bidding result isn’t convincing many friends, and website service quality is the basis of their choice. So when we make a landing page to be very careful, not always a landing page to your home page, this effect is not obvious, so at this point, we should pay attention to the following:

2 for electric grid and other major competitors of the idle period, they study what when offline, what time the highest bid, ranked the fastest rising, according to these points increases, the rankings, in addition to the time of other time appropriate to reduce the bid.

A5 article has a lot of talk now for promotion if there is significance, because after 6.18 webmaster malicious click event, a lot of money and not very good webmaster for the auction appears some tremble with fear is their hard-earned money, after all, don’t be trampled eventually is uncomfortable. But read these articles, the overall feeling is still a promotion significance, but very serious things in front of us, it is now to do the promotion, then what measures should be taken to promote the practice? In my opinion at this stage, love Shanghai bidding promotion undoubtedly still is an excellent means of marketing your website the method to solve the problem is actually very simple, that is to maximize the interests of Shanghai for love

> 2

1 to strengthen the landing page, must be directly related with the bidding keywords, users spend time to avoid other search results, resulting in a waste of money.

3 in general, 9:30 to 12:00, 14:00-17:00 and 19:30-23:30 a lot of website traffic will reach the peak, the turnover rate is relatively high, so we can choose their bids.


understand the bidding mechanism: bidding is love Shanghai give a form of search results show that the operation process is very simple, as long as the webmaster for the click price bid a keyword, then your website will appear in the corresponding keyword search to the forefront, and the higher the bid, the search ranking will. Although this mechanism is simple and practical, but part of the webmaster is very adverse, because our price setting is unchanged, but the price is fastidious is a competitive word, if no one and you cry, you so much money it would be a waste of time, so in the competitive price, we should pay attention to the following:

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