Master these core elements of your keywords ranking easily on the front page!


2, then we can consider about search problems, select keywords, we must first ensure that the selected word has a certain amount of search, otherwise it has no meaning if it will not be deployed, so select the keywords at the same time in the early stage, the search volume is a very important reference value, which will be directly related to search the site keywords and post flow problem, so the search volume level, will be a key reference value.

1, first to emphasize the question is about the competition site keywords, choose keywords at the beginning at the same time, the actual situation need to closely fit the site, select the scope of a clear understanding of site location and keywords, if selected keywords competition is too large, so in the latter part of the web site optimization process will be very difficult, if it is small business or personal site, need to know the size of the site so as to select keywords within a certain range, if the control is not good keywords competition degree, then the optimization work in the late may spend a lot of manpower and resources, but still cannot reach the expected effect, it is recommended to use in the early stage of the competition is relatively small the words were deployed in large step by step, this will make the site a buffering process, avoid competition through By optimization of the poor effect of the phenomenon.

4, also need to pay attention to is after we deployed to key words, once the keyword, then these keywords will have more or less influence on the content of our site, so when we select keywords, we need to analyze from the user’s point of view, "

website called, is in the website optimization in the late is a very important link, website keywords selection is accurate and in place, will be directly related to the website development direction, if the site selection is not accurate, so it will greatly affect the later website operation state, in general, in website optimization. Keywords can also be divided into many kinds, such as our common core keywords, which is the main keywords, including auxiliary keywords, long tail keywords and so on, to the later can also expand keywords, which can help improve the site keywords ranking in different degrees, to optimize the expected effect, then I want to ask you, importance keywords on the site selection, you really know enough? Or that you in the selection of the customs Key words on the issue, really understand the key point? In the selection of the site keywords on the issue, there are many need to pay attention, ADO, listed as follows:


3, then we will talk about the heat problems about site keywords, I believe we have heard about the site keywords hot enough that, of course, there will be a lot of people ignore the problem about the website keywords hot enough problem is the need to focus on the observation, or even your web site keywords ranking is good, there will be considerable keywords heat flow, because not enough.

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