Search engine optimization strategy (eight) website structure optimization

is a friendly website structure not only browse the user, the user can easily find the required content. The more important is that it can improve the site overall weight, make the optimization of search engine. Reasonable optimization to page structure, you know the weight division to the search engine more clear, and more easy to grab the page content index, and from the overall judgment on the core theme of your site. So the site in the search engine optimization undoubtedly occupies an important position, how to optimize this paper do the following discussion:

navigation clear and natural, will the user as soon as possible to find the resources needed to enter the page. Some owners will be deliberately designed navigation is very deep, lined up in layers, to bring more PV, but in fact not only affect the user experience, search engine grab is not nice. So in the web page navigation requirements not too deep, generally directly to the next directory can be. The directory navigation content can continue to point to. To make it easier for layered navigation with search engine weight judgment. At the same time to join the sitemap formation is also necessary in navigation, convenient to search search engine to access the page content, the need to show something even if the feedback to the search engine index. Generally speaking in a program with such a function, if not also can directly search map generator of love Shanghai.

in addition to external links can for the web page to the weight, and the site internal link optimization is also related to page weight. The weight of the site home page is the highest, other times. Which pages have very good ranking ability, depends entirely on the optimization of the structure is obtained after the optimization of the website, so it is important to optimize the weights of a level. The general optimization methods: home directory links to all channels, all directory to other channels, and channels to link all homepage homepage. The list of all channels are all pointing to the contents of a directory, and not to do is the channel list of links to other content directories. And all the contents of all point to the homepage and a catalogue of the channel, the weight distribution will have priority.

: a navigation structure at a glance

: two page weight distribution of primary and secondary

three: the rational use of hypertext links

many sites under construction in order to use a lot of beautiful pictures and flash in the structure of the site do some links are flashy without substance things, because the search engine is not grab these pictures, the spider will only identify words, it can be said that Shanghai did not achieve the purpose of dragon. Reasonable optimization of the structure of Shanghai dragon ", presented in front of the search engine is the only form of text, use the hyperlink text is the best effect. And many webmaster in the navigation design in order to get a more striking information presented to the customer and use a lot of pictures for the link in the search engine index on the loss of no doubt is the biggest.

four group

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