Four aspects of quality web links

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: first the reverse link do not explicitly tell the search engine nofollow

page refresh rate


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what is the Internet? Interpersonal network, whether we often mentioned or the Internet, are in need of a node elements involved, interpersonal network is the Internet, is the computer! We have the network for example, the network popular saying that the interpersonal relationship, if I know Zhang and Zhang three. Three know Li four, Li Si know a lot of XX, so we can also obtain intangible relationship and a lot of it XX! Actually website Links also have such effect, when many of us have noticed, but little action, we see what kind of link is high quality friendship

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fourth: accurate picture of ALT description


third: anchor text to accurately locate

we see a photo, we don’t know her, so for her name, life is also absolutely ignorant of, if at the bottom of this person’s profile, life, then we get to her understanding, similarly, the search engine is unlikely to read this picture is what stuff, but you can use the ALT to tell him what it is what


the role of the anchor text is actually tell the search engines what is the name of the site, like you want to tell others what your name is the same, if the world knows your name, then you are a celebrity, the more people know, naturally more fame. But improper channel name is usually despised, naturally people disgustful, human society rules, the network is no exception! Only to follow the laws of man can have as big

can often say the refresh rate of a web page, there are several factors, one is the site update frequency, a frequency of user access! If the refresh rate is very high, and this we put up a lot of friends said the high quality of the post saying some similar to search engines like to very high refresh rate of the page, the number of naturally come, so if you have Internet in this page, you can think and have what good

nofollow command is used to determine whether the search engine gives the link transmission weight, like in the network, we have to play for example, Zhang San hopes to find four Li XX do one thing, but Li Si tells XX not to help Zhang San, can not handle, which is better than the nofollow

of course there are many other factors, we do not say this in

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