Stable website ranking


in website optimization, website program should set some simple. This will facilitate the search engine spider crawling, web content can timely spider crawl, so that we can guarantee the website included rate, stable website ranking. Do Shanghai website Longfeng, website program is the best use of the static, can better reflect the effect of optimization.

want to be successful in Shanghai dragon in this industry, individuals must have good execution. The optimization of the site there is a basic outline, and then follow the steps slowly to optimize.

in the chain, is to put your own website in the station links, but some people do not understand, the anchor text on a page will put a lot of points to another page, we want to understand, why are we going to do internal links, is to increase the user experience, we look at the proposal you the same industry website the leader is how to do internal links, to learn.


We The purpose of the chain in

3We all know that

5: good execution

1: Website Design Code:


people say that the high quality chain, but for a few, most owners will choose in the forum signature or classification of network and so on, because of its simplicity, it is still good, this idea is wrong, today by working in Baba Shanghai Longfeng company to choose several Kobayashi chain places, love Shanghai the library, although there is no hyperlinks, but library weight is high enough, but also many views, will bring some users in advance is your article enough quality, readability, can let users understand and love the Shanghai library, now choose to love the experience of Shanghai is also possible, because there is a hypertext. There are some exchange of high quality Links, if the exchange of spam links, will bring side effects to your website.

2: high quality chain

now some search engine algorithms change, lead to the webmaster’s ranking is not very stable, then by Lin Jian Hui as webmaster explain how stable website ranking. (if for cheating on the black hat means lead to a drop in if you don’t need

domain name and spaceThis

in Shanghai Longfeng, make your site in the search engine ranking is the goal of every Shanghai dragon scholar. But the ranking is not stable, this may be the first, tomorrow may become tenth, website ranking is affected by many fluctuations, so how to stabilize the good website ranking


should be considered in relation to optimize the site before the domain name, try to choose simple, easy to remember. In the server space, the best is to choose a stable, high security server. It can make the normal operation of the website, if not a good space, site loading speed will be relatively slow, will affect the user experience.

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